What does it mean to be scheduled for a “Removal Hearing” (deportation)?

What does it mean to be scheduled for a “Removal Hearing” (deportation)?

If you are out of status and deemed “removable”, you will be placed in “removal proceedings” and scheduled for a “Removal Hearing” with U.S. Immigration court.

You will receive a “Notice to Appear” (NTA) which informs you when and where your hearing will take place.

The government will provide proof as to why you are “removable” (can be deported) and present it to the Executive Office of Immigration Review (“EOIR”) Office of the Immigration Court. This is also where you can defend yourself by proving you are not removable or request “relief” from removal.

The first hearing is a “Master hearing” where everyone will determine how to move forward with your case.

Many aliens will give up at this point and request “Voluntary Departure”, which means you will leave the US of your own accord. Keep in mind that even if you leave voluntarily, you will still be subject to penalties (such as a travel ban).

If you do not wish to leave voluntarily, you can go through the motions and prepare for your next hearing (sometimes a “merits” hearing).

Each case is different and each alien has their own circumstances. If you aren’t sure if you can handle court cases on your own, contact Lum Law Group for legal assistance.


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