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Lum Law Group, LLP: A Wealth of Experience Handling Real Property Transactions and Litigation

At Lum Law Group, LLP, we have extensive experience handling real property transactions, including representing property management companies, and real estate brokers and agents. In addition to representing commercial real property transactions, we can also represent homeowners’ associations, buyers, appraisers, and owners. Our wealth of experience in handling these types of real property transactions make us the perfect choice for clients who want stellar representation with their commercial real property transactions.

In addition to these services, the lawyers at Lum Law Group, LLP can also represent commercial and residential clients with real estate litigation. Real estate law can be highly complex, especially in today’s economic climate. We can provide clients with strategic counseling that can lead to successful litigation or dispute resolution.

If you’re looking for superior legal representation for your real estate litigation or real property transaction, contact an attorney at Lum Law Group, LLP today.

林律师集团有丰富的经验处理实业交易,包括代表业主管理公司,房产中介和代表。除了代表商实产交易,我也们能代表房主联合会、 买家、估价员、和拥有者本身。我们在处理各种类型实业交易的丰富经验是那些想要进行商业实业交易的最佳选择。