How do I choose an attorney?

How do I choose an attorney?

Choosing an attorney is a personal decision.  No one can tell you who you should hire. Having said that, here’s a few factors that people often consider when choosing an attorney.


You can definitely think of at least one “famous” attorney. Maybe you’ve seen his billboard ad. Perhaps you saw his many ads in the newspaper, on top of a Google search, or on a website you were browsing. A famous attorney may even have given an interview on the radio or purchased television ads on your favorite TV station.

You probably feel very comfortable going to a famous attorney because it feels like you already know him. You’ve seen his face, you’ve seen his office, and you’ve heard his voice. He feels familiar.  However, it’s important to note that you’ve only seen the side of him he wants to show you.

Also, most well-known attorneys have several attorneys and paralegals on payroll, and there is no guarantee that he will personally take your case rather than assign you to someone else.  It could be that you never even see his face.

Finally, a famous attorney receives multiple client leads a day and can pick and choose which cases he takes on. He might choose to take a case because it will pay well. Or a case that is “easy”. Or maybe just because he finds it “exciting”. The bottom line is, he might not take your case.



You might’ve been referred to this page by a friend, family member, or acquaintance. The attorneys at Lum Law Group have primarily relied on referrals over the years as we choose not to market ourselves. Instead, we service our clients with lower fees and better customer service since we rely on your word-of-mouth for our next business.


Special Offers

Many law offices will offer a “free consultation” or a reduced cost consultation in an effort to get clients “in the door”.  Although there are perfectly qualified and honest attorneys who advertise such special offers, many will end up over-promising or over-charging.  Many of our clients initially went for these special offers thinking they could save money, but ended up needing to hire us to “fix” the problems that arose.

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