Intellectual Property

Lum Law Group, with over thirty years experience in intellectual property (IP), has represented clients from all over the world in protecting their ideas, inventions, and designs in the United States.  At the heart of your business success are your technologies, trade secrets, and business processes. Don’t leave your most valuable assets and ideas vulnerable to theft and plagiarism.

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We understand the value of a well-known brand. That’s why we work harder to ensure that the trademark your company chooses to build a better brand is protected. By taking the time to understand your business objectives,the Lum Law Group will tailor our services to meet your specific needs so that your mark gets the best protection under trademark law.

Our trademark services include:

  • Strategic and specialized counseling on trademark law, including acquisition and sale of trademark rights
  • Obtaining federal and state trademark registrations for your valuable mark
  • Working with associated companies to register your trademark in countries around the world
  • Internet trademark issues, including domain name selection and protection
  • Maintenance of trademark rights
  • And more


A copyright is a right the author’s right to their intellectual property.

Examples of works that can be protected via copyright include:

  • books
  • music
  • sound recordings
  • paintings
  • sculptures
  • films
  • computer programs
  • code
  • databases
  • advertisements
  • maps
  • technical drawings
  • choreography
  • architectural works
  • websites (like this one!)

Copyright protection allows the copyright holder (owner) to exclusive rights to make changes to the work (modify to derivatives), share it, copy it, distribute it, and showcase or perform the work publicly.

It’s important to note that copyright does not protect ideas, only the expression of an author’s idea.


To be patentable, an invention must meet several requirements: novelty, non-obviousness, clarity, and other USPTO requirements.

At Lum Law Group, our attorneys are dedicated to providing our clients with superior patent law services, including prosecution,litigation, infringement analysis, and design arounds. Our primary goal is to understand our clients’ business needs and provide advice that is appropriately tailored to help them achieve their goals.

Our patent law services include the following:


  • Our attorneys offer stellar counseling analyzing your patent
  • We can help you decide whether you need to seek out patent protection
  • We can help you prepare patent applications for all technologies
  • We can help you to capture the widest possible scope of your invention
  • Our patent law services also include patent maintenance and patent portfolio management


  • Our patent attorneys will help you to enforce your patent should someone infringe upon your patent rights.
  • Additionally, our attorneys will guide you through licensing and selling rights.

Trade Secrets

Some intellectual property just can’t be patented, trademarked, or copyrighted. But, it is no less valuable to your company. Your business success is dependent on your trade secrets, or the secret processes you use to produce your unique work products. Having your trade secrets stolen can be detrimental to any business. That’s why Lum Law Group works hard to ensure that all of your trade secrets remain where they belong: in your hands.

Our trade secret attorneys are highly experienced in helping our clients protect their most valuable techniques and materials. Our trade secret litigation will protect your invaluable information, while our strategic counseling will advise you on how to keep your trade secrets safe from theft.

The intellectual property attorney at Lum Law Group, have been helping entrepreneurs and business owners protect the patents, trade secrets, trademarks, and copyrights from infringement.  When your business secrets are threatened, don’t leave your company’s future in the hands of just any intellectual property attorney. Lum Law Group can provide you with the strategic counseling and litigation you need to keep your business secrets where they need to be: in your hands.


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