Writ of Mandamus and Habeas Corpus

Lum Law Group: Resolving Delayed Immigration Issues with Writs of Mandamus and Habeas Corpus

Immigration in the United States is a highly complicated and intricate system. That’s why when your application for permanent resident status your citizenship s delayed too long, and or when an unlawful detention occurs, it’s important to hire experienced immigration lawyers who can resolve these delays and issues through the filing of writs of mandamus and writs of habeas corpus.www.lusmile.com

When your immigration case is being delayed or a family member is being unlawfully detained, you can rely on the immigration experts at Lum Law Group to provide you with the superior legal representation you need. Our writs of mandamus and writs of habeas corpus will quickly and efficiently resolve immigration issues so you and your family can go on with your lives again..

If you need a writ of mandamus or a writ of habeas corpus, contact the lawyers at Lum Law Group today for a consultation.