Intellectual Property in Clothing design, manufacturing, and retail

Intellectual Property in Clothing design, manufacturing, and retail


Do you or your company make designs that are used in fabrics for sale to companies that export to the United States either fabric, or finished clothing companies in the United States?  Or are you a buyer of designs made by people outside the U.S.?  What you may not realize is that there may be companies in the United States that see those same designs and are then making slight variations of those designs and then registering copyrights in the United States on those variations to then accuse the imported fabrics of infringing the variations.

This may impact your company’s ability to sell fabric and/or garments in the United States.

How can you prevent this from happening?  By filing a U.S. copyright registration first.  Our office can help you to register copyrights for your designs in the United States.  This will not only protect your designs from being copied by companies in the United States, but provide assurances to your buyers in the United States and enhance your company’s reputation within the industry drawing companies to use your copyrighted designs because they know they are protected in the United States.  Contact us so we can determine what is the best and most economical way to protect your intellectual property.

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